When Should Hemorrhoids Be Treated By a Doctor?


At Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC, hemorrhoids are a common concern we address for our patients. These swollen blood vessels in the lower rectum or around the anus can lead to issues like itching, pain, and even rectal bleeding. If left unchecked, these could escalate into more complicated health scenarios, emphasizing the importance of awareness and timely medical intervention.

Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC, a pioneer in gastrointestinal wellness, is devoted to enlightening patients on the subject of hemorrhoids and delivering specialized care. As you read on, GI doctors from Hattiesburg, MS will offer more insights into the nuances of hemorrhoids and when a doctor’s consultation becomes necessary.

What are the categories of hemorrhoids you should know?

Understanding what you’re up against is the first step in tackling any health issue, hemorrhoids included. They come in two primary forms:

  • Internal hemorrhoids: Located within the rectum, they seldom cause discomfort but are prone to result in bleeding.
  • External hemorrhoids: These manifest under the skin around your anus and are usually accompanied by more discomfort.

Knowing the distinction between these forms is crucial for pursuing the right kind of medical aid.

Is it possible for hemorrhoids to heal by themselves?

A common query we encounter is whether or not hemorrhoids can self-resolve. While it's true that milder cases might naturally subside, it is generally wise to consult our GI professionals in Hattiesburg, MS for an accurate diagnosis and effective management strategies.

At what point should you consult a medical professional for hemorrhoids?

Unrelenting itchiness, discomfort, or blood while passing stool could indicate hemorrhoids. Such symptoms demand immediate professional evaluation for proper diagnosis. Depending on your specific condition, treatment for external hemorrhoids may include:

  • Soothing warm baths
  • Hemorrhoid banding techniques
  • Topical medical applications
  • Intake of a high-fiber diet
  • Surgical interventions for extreme cases

For internal hemorrhoids, increased fiber intake usually suffices, although surgical approaches may be required in severe conditions.

Prompt action is key.

Overlooking hemorrhoids could be a mistake you’ll regret. Timely medical intervention can vastly enhance your quality of life. If you're grappling with hemorrhoid symptoms, we encourage you to reach out to your closest Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC location. An experienced GI physician will offer a precise diagnosis and the most effective treatment regimen. Schedule an appointment with us at any of our Hattiesburg, MS locations for expert assistance in managing your hemorrhoids.

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