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Hemorrhoids, also referred to as piles, are are enlarged veins that develop in one's lower rectum or anus. A hemorrhoid can occur within the rectum (internally) or on the anus (externally). A hemorrhoid commonly arises any time the vein walls in one's anus or rectum become so thin that the veins bulge or protrude. In some instances, a blood clot might develop inside the hemorrhoid (thrombosed hemorrhoid) and can be a cause of discomfort.

If a hemorrhoid becomes extremely painful or begins to create other health complications, it might need to be removed. An approach commonly used to do away with internal hemorrhoids is hemorrhoid banding, also referred to as rubber band ligation. If you are seeking information on hemorrhoid banding in Hattiesburg, MS, our experts can help. At Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC, our physician-led team of GI doctors regularly addresses hemorrhoids with hemorrhoid banding procedures.

Hemorrhoid banding is a procedure during which the flow of blood to the hemorrhoid is obstructed by securing a rubber band at its base. Over time, the hemorrhoid will shrivel and eventually wilt away. A scar will then form in the place of the hemorrhoid, stopping nearby veins from swelling or creating further hemorrhoids within the area.

Hemorrhoid banding is accomplished by placing an anoscope into the anus. The doctor then secures the hemorrhoid and employs a tool to position a band encircling the hemorrhoid's base. Hemorrhoid banding is traditionally confined to treating one or two hemorrhoids at a time except in cases where the individual is administered anesthesia.

The recovery process following a hemorrhoid banding procedure is likely to vary from patient to patient. A portion of individuals will be well enough to resume normal functions almost immediately following the procedure, while others may need a couple of days of bed rest to recover. You may experience some pain for up to two days following hemorrhoid banding, and bleeding may happen for up to 10 days after the procedure.

Your Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC provider will provide very specific aftercare instructions to abide by once your hemorrhoid banding procedure is completed. To reduce the possibility of bleeding, it is important to avoid taking aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs/NSAIDs for at least four days pre- or post-treatment. To reduce pressure in the rectum, it is suggested that patients consume a large amount of fluids and consume a diet high in fiber to help promote easy bowel movements.

Hemorrhoid banding is a nonsurgical approach performed regularly by our board-certified gastroenterologists at Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC. If you are suffering and interested in hemorrhoid banding procedures in Hattiesburg, MS, we encourage you to reach out today to request a consultation. We have helped countless patients find relief from hemorrhoid symptoms, and we hope to help you, too.

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They are wonderful the nurses doctor creed they call to check on you it's the best GI ASSOCIATES I ever been too thanks for everything and taking good care of me

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Dr. Morrissette has performed all my colonoscopies since 2008. He is very thorough, informative and personable. Further, he is pre-cautious. This time he ordered a liver scan and ultrasound finding I had a fatty liver and gallstones but I had not had any problems. Didn’t know. Now planning remedies for both. I highly recommend Dr Morrissette.

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I am very impressed. Dr. Farmer knows his stuff. He is professional yet maintains a respectful personable manner. Very easy to talk to. Breaks it down telling me what to expect. Watched a helpful video showing steps to take before procedure. Colonoscopy in 2 weeks. His staff very nice & helpful. I feel like I am in good hands.

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