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Indigestion creates an uncomfortable feeling for patients in the upper abdomen area. Indigestion is often described by additional symptoms such as stomach pain and fullness following eating, but it might additionally be a sign of any number of other GI situations. For guidance on how to relieve or manage indigestion in Hattiesburg, MS, read the information laid out below. We also recommend you request a consultation with our GI providers at Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC to get quality professional treatment.

Indigestion might creep up on a person when they least expect it, making their day take a turn for the worse. It is vital to recognize the signs as well as understand them in order to get the treatment that is required. Signs of indigestion can include:

  • Feeling of burning in the upper abdomen
  • Bloating in the upper abdominal area
  • Discomfort in the upper abdominal area
  • Early fullness during a meal
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Belching
  • Discomfort due to fullness after a meal

If you or a loved one have dealt with any or all of these indications and are finding the condition hard to manage, it is probably time to request a consultation with one of our Hattiesburg, MS GI providers.

Indigestion might become worrisome if the uncomfortable symptoms become a persistent situation. If you have experienced the above-listed symptoms for more than two weeks, it is safe to say that a consultation with one of our gastroenterologists at Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC is justified. If your pain is in combination with symptoms such as repeated vomiting, difficulty swallowing, fatigue or weakness, or black, tarry stools, please contact our team promptly. For more information on ways that we can help, request a consultation with the team as soon as you can.

Indigestion can be an uncomfortable inconvenience (or worse), but a reprieve might be more available than you think. The experienced gastrointestinal providers at Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC will work diligently to give you the solutions needed so you can live life without the discomfort resulting from indigestion. To find treatment for indigestion in Hattiesburg, MS, please reach out to request a consultation with our providers.

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