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Ileitis is a GI problem that is characterized as the discomfort or swelling of the ileum, or the last portion of one's small bowel where it connects to the colon. Signs and symptoms of ileitis might encompass any of the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of weight
  • Cramping or discomfort in one's abdomen, as well as fistulas (unusual openings that develop from one part to another of the intestine)

Ileitis may be caused by numerous diseases, although Crohn's disease is the most common. Alternate culprits can include infections, effects of ischemia, NSAIDs, and abnormal growths. If you require care for ileitis in Hattiesburg, MS, assistance is close at hand. Get the care you deserve by meeting with a GI provider at your nearest Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC location at your earliest convenience.

Diagnosing the root cause of ileitis is extremely important to efficiently treat this gastrointestinal condition as well as to the treatment approach decided on by your gastrointestinal provider. Your provider will review your medical history and carry out an exhaustive physical examination. A set of tests may be ordered as well to verify the diagnosis, which might include stool analysis, X-rays, barium X-rays of the small intestine, CT scan, colonoscopy (narrow lighted tube is inserted into the anus for a close examination), and biopsy.

If you are concerned that ileitis might be the source of your pain, reach out to Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC to consult with a GI provider who can develop an appropriate plan for your care.

Depending upon the results of the diagnostic evaluations, ileitis might be treated using medications including antibiotics, corticosteroids, anti-inflammatories, antidiarrheal and immune-suppressing medications, and supplements to aid in the reduction of inflammation and symptom management. A surgical procedure might be suggested if symptoms cannot be managed by medications or if complications develop. A surgical approach can be used to remove a diseased area, and/or correct intestinal bleeding. You need to adhere to healthy lifestyle habits, get regular exercise, eat well, and avoid smoking.

For further information concerning treatment for ileitis in Hattiesburg, MS call to request a consultation with any of our skilled gastrointestinal providers near you.

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You don’t have to struggle with inflammation and discomfort daily. To hear more on receiving ileitis treatment in Hattiesburg, MS as well as the lifestyle improvements that you can make to allow yourself to heal, contact our team of gastrointestinal providers today. Please contact Hattiesburg GI Associates, PLLC to request a consultation at a location near you and let them help you on your journey to healing.

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Dr. Morrissette spent a lot of time listening to me and the stomach issues I had been dealing with lately. He is being very proactive so he can determine what is or is not going on with me. He is very kind, knowledgeable and I can tell that he loves what he does. I would highly recommend him!

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